Kudos to the Refugee Employment Network (All of You)

white houseHigher was mentioned by name in the White House Task Force for New Americans comprehensive action plan submitted last week to President Obama.

This acknowledges the great work we all do across the country and gives the refugee employment network new opportunities to do even more to help refugees find meaningful work and community integration.

“HHS’s ORR training and technical assistance partner, Higher, focuses on employment and self-sufficiency, providing workforce solutions across the United States while supporting career entry and advancement for resettled refugees and other new Americans. “
Task Force Background

The Task Force, representing 16 federal departments, agencies and White House offices, was charged with developing a coordinated federal immigrant and refugee integration strategy focused on strengthening civic, economic, and linguistic integration efforts and building strong and welcoming communities.

The action plan lays out 16 broad goals and provides 48 recommended actions to help build welcoming communities; strengthen existing pathways to naturalization and promote civic engagement; support skill development, foster entrepreneurship, safeguard workers; and expand opportunities for linguistic integration and education.

3 Ways You Can Continue to Be Involved

Here are three ways you can learn more and get involved going foward:

  1. Learn more about the Task Force’s plan.  Download the Task Force on New Americans Fact Sheet and access the comprehensive report at a new landing page at www.whitehouse.gov/New-Americans.
  2. Follow and join the conversation via social media at: #NewAmericans or #NuevosCiudadanos
  3. Get in touch with Higher at information@higheradvantage.org to share how you’re already building on the White House initiative. Let us know what you think Higher can do next to take advantage of opportunities that will continue to come from this initiative.

 (We had problems with our blog feed last week.  So, we’re reposting this important and exciting news since most of you probably missed it.  Apologies) 

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