Job Readiness Success in Boise, ID

Full CircleWork brings meaningful connections, healing and income.

Full Circle Exchange in Boise, Idaho is a holistic Job Readiness Training Program.  They provide local women refugees a “pathway to empowerment” in four areas:

  • immediate transitional part time employment income,
  • job readiness skills,
  • educational growth and
  • emotional growth.

The video imbedded in this post does a great job of capturing women’s stories of their journeys and the value they find in work.

Sometimes we get too focused on the numbers that measure rapid self-sufficiency through employment.  The workplace is one of the first placed for clients to expand their social networks beyond the refugee community.

This quote from the film captures one of the added benefits of early employment that goes far beyond a paycheck.

“[The first thing they want] is a job because it means they’re moving on and starting a new life.  That things are going to change and, eventually, be ok.  That’s when the healing starts for a lot of them.”  Stacy Wiese, Project Lead



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  1. Tara Wolfson says:

    Thank you for sharing Lorel!! Full Circle is doing an incredible job preparing refugee women and others for work in Idaho and beyond.

    • Lorel Donaghey says:

      Hi Tara,

      I’m so envious of Sarah’s visit to Boise for the Welcoming Academy. We both wish she had more time to learn about all of the great things you’re doing.

      Thanks for reading and commenting. Lorel

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