Job Readiness Activities and Client Choice

Carrie Thiele at

Carrie Thiele presenting at Higher’s 2 Day Refugee Employment Workshop, 11/10-11/2014

How to build client motivation and decision making skills

Motivation is one of the top 10 qualities employers want. It’s also at the core of a innovative job development-centric strategy being implementing statewide in Colorado.  Read more in a previous Higher blog post.

Providing choice is empowering and builds client ownership of their job search and long term success.  Our clients may not have had the opportunity to make their own choices and may not even be aware of all of the options available to them in the US.

Carrie Thiele, with the African Community Center in Denver (ACC-DEN), shared so many great ideas in her presentation at last month’s Refugee Employment Workshop.  We were all inspired and convinced to try some of the techniques we learned from her.

Download Carrie’s presentation to learn more about these ideas and many more.  Here are two of my favorites.

1.  Post current job openings,pictures and basic job categories on a job board.  When conducting mock interviews, clients get to choose the type of job they are interested in and practice interview skills around the job they selected.  It can help build vocabulary and encourage independent job search activity, as well.

2.  Include a around the pros and cons of having or not having a job in one-on-one client meetings.  Discussing this with clients can help adjust their expectations and enhance your employability assessment, as well as help them make better choices.


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