Job Opportunities for Highly Skilled Clients

job opportunityThe Defense Language Institute (DLI) in Monterrey, CA is hiring for a number of teaching positions requiring specific language skills that might be a great fit for your clients with very specific language skills.

DLI provides language instruction for military personnel, diplomats and other federal personnel who will work overseas for various purposes.

Click here to download a copy of the job announcements and links to on-line applications.

Thanks to Carol Tucker, Job Developer with LFS in Omaha, NE for sharing the lead and the following insight provided by her contact at DLI.

  1. It can take several months to hear anything.
  2. If they are contacted, there will be a series of phone calls for an interview and language level screenings.
  3. If they make it this far in the process, there will be a thorough 7 year background screen that requires a lengthy form and very detailed information
  4. Also later in the process, they will be required to provide original transcripts with a U.S. equivalency assessment by specific agencies they have selected.  More informaiton will only be provided if the candidate makes it to this stage in the process.
  5. This lengthy process is worth it to get a federal job with all of the accompanying benefits and job security.  DLI pays for employees to get advanced degrees and, for some very specific dialects and languages, may accept lower levels of English and/or speed the hiring process.


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