Job Leads to Explore Now

Wheres Spring snowmanOn the East Coast we’re still waiting for spring, but it’s not too early to think about summer from a job development perspective. 

Many businesses have different work volumes during the summer.   This can mean an increase in job openings or dramatically reduced work hours for clients. 

Think about the following possibilities as you build employer relationships in advance of a hiring season or help clients identify strategies to deal with reduced work hours and family income. 

Summer vacations can mean openings at holiday destination hotels and in tourism-related businesses.  If the heat discourages summer visitors, it can have the opposite affect. 

The end of the school year will create turnover in student jobs like fast food or other parttime opportunities.    

University service jobs (like cafeteria or dormitory workers) can shut down all together for the summer.  Hiring managers also plan and schedule now for fall start-ups, so this can also be the best time to get a jump on fall opportunties. 

Growing and harvest seasons differ with climate, but summer can be a great time to find opportunities for clients to work outdoors in an agricultural environment that will be comfortingly familiar to many.


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