Job Development + World Refugee Day = Opportunities to Deepen Employer Engagement


Intriguing scene from World Refugee Day. Guaranteed to up employer engagement.

World Refugee Day on June 20 (Friday this year) seems far away.  But it’s not too early to start preparing to engage employers in a variety of possible strategies around refugee day activities in your community.

Refugee Day celebrations are colorful, informative and family friendly.  Depending on how your community celebrates, consider the following strategies to begin, maintain or deepen employer and refugee co-worker engagement:

  • Provide signage to promote activities in your community to boost attendance and awareness among all employees where clients are working.
  • Collaborate with a few major employers to link a refugee theme to a regular event they already offer or organizing something special around refugee day.
  • Help refugee employees request scheduled time off  to join in community celebrations.  Maybe they could attend with their supervisor or someone else from their workplace on the clock with employer support.
  • Work with senior staff, key employers or members of your agency’s board to organize a quick tour of refugee day for prospective employers you want to engage or target for more placements.
  • Highlight employers and recruit new partners with an information table or display.  You never know who will attend.  They’ll definitely be inspired by what they see and learn.  It could be a great way to begin a conversation with new employers.
  • Promote corporate volunteer opportunities to organize or staff refugee day events.  Many employers encourage their employees to volunteer for civic engagement and team building.
  • Generate some media coverage highlighting an employer partner and their refugee employees leveraging the tie in to World Refugee Day.

Share your ideas or success stories around World Refugee Day and Job Development!

And if you aren’t involved in a community event already, now’s the perfect time to engage your entire agency in planning one.

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