Job Development: Hit the Ground Running

fire-and-explosion-1418962-mThis week may still feel a little slow as people trickle in from the holidays.  You will likely have a backlog of clients who need to find jobs quickly.

It’s the perfect time to spend some time looking for openings now.  With a collection of fresh leads, you can energize clients with concrete opportunities after a couple of weeks when they likely lost motivation and confidence.

Where to look?

  1. If you have a database, spread sheet or other list of employer contacts, call through them to find out about current openings.
  2. Make some cold calls to restaurants, fast food franchises and retail stores along major refugee bus routes.
  3. Look at Craigslist and other job boards for likely prospects.
  4. Target, most major grocery stores and many hotel chains include specific openings on their websites.  See which locations are hiring now.
  5. If you work with volunteers, now is a great time to engage them in making these calls.  If you don’t already have a list for future campaigns, now is a great time to put one together.

Nationally, January and February are peek times to find work.  That’s not the case in every market.  But, everyone has new energy right after the holidays.  Employers are no exception.  There will likely be job opportunities that were  unfilled and unadvertised over the holidays.  Find them now and clients may have a good chance while other job seekers are still regaining their momentum.


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