Email Signatures: ADD ONE NOW

Blue MAIL ButtonPlease, everyone, add an automatic signature to your email TODAY.  I’m amazed at how often I see emails without this basic standard of professional correspondence.  It’s so important that I’m reposting this in case you missed the original post a few weeks ago.

Email is almost old-fashioned in today’s world of social media, but it is still the most common format for business communication.  You can often access high level employer contacts easily and directly via email.

Not having an email signature can mean that employers who want to follow-up give up instead when it’s too hard to get back in touch with you.

At a minimum, your signature should include your name, title, organization, address and phone number.  You can also include a logo or tag line.  A tag line could mirror your elevator pitch or remind employers to contact you first when they need to fill a job opening.

Since every program and software version is different, I hesitate to provide specific instructions.  Google delivers a ready answer for many software versions.


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