Job Development 101: How Do You Find the Decision Maker?

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Last week’s Initial Pitches to Employers Webinar generated so much dialogue and energy.  Thanks to almost 40 attendees who contributed their practical tips and proven strategies.

Higher’s eLearning training outlines eight steps to preparing an initial pitch to employers.  Speak with the Decision-maker is Step 3.  Our discussion generated several practical and effective ways to do that.

1,  Tap into Technology and Social Media

Searching LinkedIn by company name delivers all of the associated LinkedIn members, their titles and your connections to them.  Researching for free via yields tons of information about companies and their leaders.

2.  ASK

Simple, but it works.  The clerk at the cash register or the receptionist who answers the phone are accessible information sources.

3.  Gain Access via Public Forums

Grabbing face time with decision makers at Ports, hospitals, public utilities or other large employers can feel intimidating.  Leading industries and their top decision-makers will likely be involved in official planning bodies with meetings that are open to the public.  (Think Chambers of Commerce or Infrastructure Planning Commissions.)   Attend.  Speak up in designated public comment space.  Introduce yourself to your target decision-maker.  Have a business card and employer brochure with you.


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