Job Development 101: Get the Most Out of Cold Calls

Hispanic woman at computer thumbnailCollect openings and contact information?  Check.

Identify prospects for additional follow-up? Check.

Call clients qualified to pursue immediate opportunities?  Check.

Add the information to your database?  Check.

That’s a significant amount of effort.  Is there more I can do with these leads? 

YES.  Consider these three longer term strategies for using the leads gathered in a cold call session:

  • Call the most likely new employer prospects every week or so to inquire about job openings.  You don’t even have to tell them who you are so you don’t seem like a pest. This could be a great job for an intern or volunteer.
  • Put together a list of leads in the same geographic area with a map or bus directions. Assign clients the task of looking for openings and applying on their own. (Be careful not to send too many and risk taxing the patience of busy employers.)
  • Think about how to use the information you learn about hiring processes at another branch of the same business. Franchises and chains will likely have similar types of jobs, forms and processes at other locations around town.


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