Job Development 101: Cold Call Script

Cold Call AttitudeIt’s nerve racking making those cold calls but it doesn’t have to be that way.

If you’re anything like me you are constantly browsing job posting sights like Craig’s List or your local job boards. If you see an employer consistently posting openings, that employer may need you more than you need them.

This is the time to “cop a little attitude” and call that employer with a solution to their recruiting problem.

Job Developer (JD):  Hi, this is Bonni Cutler from Catholic Charities Refugee Employment Program and I had to reach out to you as I have seen your ad for a “Sandwich Artist” posted on Craig’s List for the last two or three weeks. Is that position still vacant?

Employer:  Yes.

JD:  I have three candidates with food handlers’ cards that are hard workers and would like to interview for the position, when is a good time for you?

Employer:  You need to apply online.

JD:  That’s fine; I will make sure that happens by this afternoon as I know that you need to fill your position quickly. I will have time to bring my clients in for interviews tomorrow at 2:00 PM.

If the employer is not available offer another time.

Here is an example of going a little further with the “attitude” should the employer not comply in the first scenario…

If the employer is not available at the suggested time ask them when it will be good for them.

At this point the employer will name a time or go into detail about their hiring process. If it is the latter, listen carefully and interject how you can comply with their process and/or you can go as far as to “cop that attitude” and suggest a better/easier way to process your candidates.

For Example; “I can have four qualified candidates with completed applications and online assessments ready to interview by (day) and I can bring them in one group to save you the time of scheduling them all separately. Will that make the process easier for your management team?”

If none of the above works, wait for the manager to get fired and then try again.

Thanks to Bonni Cutler, Employment Supervisor at Catholic Charities Diocese of San Diego for contributing this script and approach you can use NOW!

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