Is Craigslist a Valid Job Development Strategy?

Yes, when used carefully and strategically.Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 1.17.19 PM

Craigslist is different from traditional job boards in four important ways, according to a recent article:

  1. Jobs posted on Craigslist are often not posted elsewhere.
  2. Posting jobs is free or inexpensive (compared with a traditional job board) for employers.
  3. Small and very small employers use Craigslist more often than large employers.
  4. Craigslist jobs are presented in chronological order based on posting date and time.

Check out the article for useful tips to help you get more out of job searches on Craigslist.

Here are three more ways you can use Craigslist as one part of your job development strategy:

1.  Compile current job openings and provide them to clients for independent job searches.  Monitor their activity to help you gauge their level of commitment.  Send by email, distribute in job readiness class or make available on Monday mornings to get clients active and off to a good start for the week.

2.  Help highly skilled clients understand how to use craigslist on their own.  Consider providing them with the full article referenced in this post, which makes great points about the limitations and potential risks, as well as effective strategies.

3.  Monitor craigslist for job development leads and cold call targets.  If you recognize an employer you already know,  get in touch and leverage that name recognition to give your client a competitive advantage.  Visit a frequent craigslist poster and offer to solve their problem, save them time and deliver pre-screened candidates without wading through hundreds of unqualified craigslist responses.