Interview Statistics Infographic

Infographic snipBuilding client interview skills is a big part of job readiness, no matter the combination of group and individual instruction your agency offers.

Infographics are a great resource for us because they rely more on visuals than language to convey complex topics.  That can be very helpful when working with our clients – or anyone, for that matter.

You can download the entire infographic you can see a part of in this post.  It does a great job of covering the basics of hygiene, ettiquete and common questions.  Many of the statistics will add emphasis and credibility to the concepts we all know are key success factors for our clients.

More Resources for Interview Skills

Higher’s October 2013  newsletter and several previous blog posts focused on a comprehensive overview of skills and techniques to help clients learn this fundamental US job market skill.

Later this year, we will debut two new eLearning trainings about interview skills:  one for Employment Specialists and one for clients.  Stay tuned for more about those in the coming months.



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