International Recognition for Our Employer Partners


Global Diversity Exchange vision statement

The Hire Immigrants project at the Global Diversity Exchange (GDX), a Canadian organization, promotes employer innovations that harness immigrant workforce contributions.  They focus on documenting replicable strategies that make employing immigrants even more successful.

We all know that our employer partners are heroes, advocates and believers in refugee workforce contributions.  Now we have a chance to gain international recognition for their leadership.

GDX wants to hear from you with nominations for refugee employment partners they could consider featuring in their project.  Please contact them directly at and include the following information:

  • Name of Employer and location (City and State)
  • Brief summary of the best practice(s) or beliefs about hiring refugees that a write-up should feature
  • Your contact information (or that of the employer if they can be contacted directly)

They’ll do the rest and will be in touch with you or the employer to follow up.

Here are two success story examples from Canadian employers – Palliser (Winnipeg) and Danby (Guelph)  to give you an idea of the value of contributing U.S. American examples to the project.


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