International Literacy Day

international-literacy-dayAs if learning a new language isn’t hard enough, pre-literate clients face additional barriers.  And literacy isn’t just for language anymore.  Our clients also often need improved financial and digital literacy to thrive in their new homes.

In honor of International Literacy Day, here are few resources focused on language literacy.  Let us know if you have others to share at


  • I still remember how scary it was when our Peace Corps Uzbekistan trainers dropped me off on a random street corner to find my way home by asking people directions. This PDF from the Illinois Community College Board includes a similar real life exercise among many others to help build literacy and language skills in real life situations.


  • Adult learners don’t want to read books for babies.  Here’s one easy reading for adults about looking for a job that would be especially useful for our work.  There are several similar readings and other resources available from the  ESL Literacy Network from Bow Valley College in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.


And here’s something for you, too.  Links to four of my favorite refugee-themed books from Higher’s Friday Feature Archives.  You can find them all via our convenient home page search feature.

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