Insights and Leads from Omaha Employer Panel

Refugee WorkingOne of the highlights of our Second Annual Refugee Employment Workshop was the opportunity to hear from a diverse panel of employers, including some who work all over the country.

Each employer representative shared the story of how they began working with refugees, what they appreciate most about working with refugees, and also how they have handled challenges related to culture, language, and literacy. Employers included:

Set aside some time to watch the panel, and add White Lodging, Men’s Wearhouse, and Salon Centric to your employer target list.

  • White Lodgings already partners with refugee employment teams in Indianapolis and Austin.  They also work in the following States:  CO, UT, CA, NE, AZ, TN, VA, FL, OH, IL, MI, KY, IN, TX and WI.  Click here for a list of specific properties and locations.
  • Men’s Wearhouse offers in-house custom tailoring services in all of their retail locations.  They are excited about expanding their Omaha partnership to other locations. That’s a great opportunity to match a marketable skill to a great job across the country.  Click here for a store locator and here for general warehouse and tailoring opportunities.
  • Salon Centric has retail locations all over the country, and has current job openings for warehouse workers in Grand Rapids, MI, Manchester, PA (Harrisburg/Lancaster area), Santa Clarita, CA and Portland, OR.





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