Innovative Refugee Health Project in Seattle

EPA Somali Workshop

Fahmo Abdulle goes over healthy home tips with members of the Somali community. Photo from the original article by Kate Gibson, Communications/Fund Development Associate for the Environmental Coalition of South Seattle in the US EPA blog.

We all learned how much energy and innovation Seattle area refugee resettlement agencies and other community partners put into helping our clients thrive after Higher’s Seattle Employment Workshop in March.

Opening Immigrant Eyes to Environmental Health at Home describes how that collaborative energy raises community awareness and delivers resources beyond the scope of initial resettlement or employment services.

Members of the Burmese, Bhutanese and Somali community were trained and conducted workshops to increase awareness of indoor air quality with an EPA Environmental Justice Small Grant to the Environmental Coalition of South Seattle (ECOSS).

New immigrants may falsely assume that their environment and products they can buy in the US is cleaner and safer than in refugee camps or their home countries.  The article includes  great examples and comments from new immigrants in their own words.

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