Informational Interviews

info interviewAn easy-to-understand explanation for you and your clients

Refugee job seekers need to develop networks in the U.S. Informational interviews are an accepted way to build contacts and learn more about their chosen industry here in the U.S.

It sounds good, but what does informational interview really mean and what are practical tips for doing it?

A U.S. news article includes this actual definition of an informational interview and some practical tips that are worth reading. They include how to prepare, what to ask, what NOT to ask and how to follow-up.

What is an informational interview? It refers to an informal conversation between two people, in which one person asks for advice on their career, an industry or a company. The end goal…is to have the person at the company refer them to their employer, but this should not be your expectation; this talk should be seen as an opportunity that could turn into bigger things.

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  1. I am an immgrant and my accent can be hard for people to understand. Because of that my phone interviews never went will. As a result, I didn’t seen like the one they are looking for. I’m disappointed at myself sometimes because I very want the position. I hope that this site will help me looking for work.

    • Lorel Donaghey says:

      Hello Ya,

      We’re so glad to know that an immigrant finds our information helpful. Phone interviews are hard for everyone. Please do not give up.

      Here’s one idea that helped another immigrant looking for work. He used skype with a camera so he could see the interviewers face and mouth. He had to ask in advance, but they said yes and it helped him. They saw the request as proof that he was a good communicator who really wanted the job. They did not see it as proof that his English wasn’t good enough.

      Also, please look at the website of another excellent resource:

      Good luck and regards, Lorel for Higher

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