IMPRINT’s Interactive Career Pathways Program Map

Higher presents a guest post from IMPRINT, a coalition of organizations active in the integration of immigrant professionals.

The IMPRINT coalition works to identify and promote best practices in the integration of immigrant professionals and supports national, state, and local efforts to incorporate multilingual/multicultural talent. Members and partner organizations include practitioners, educators, researchers, and policy professionals.

IMPRINT recently updated its unique program map. The map showcases the growth of the immigrant professional integration field across the United States, featuring nearly 90 programs supporting foreign-trained immigrants and refugees seeking to re-enter their professions. It features three categories of programs and services – career preparation, ESL for high-skilled immigrants, and licensing and credentialing guidance – from a rich mix of service providers, public education institutions, and technical assistance providers.

Figure 1. IMPRINT Program and Service Map

Features of the Program Map

The first tab of the map can help direct service providers to identify the programs and services serving foreign-educated immigrants and refugees in a particular state, as well as compare efforts across states. The second tab of the map, the Data Tool, provides useful statistics for program development and advocacy. Users can access demographic information by state, including the number of college-educated immigrants and refugees and data on brain waste. This detailed information can help service providers to increase focus on this population in their state.  You can access the Program Map here.

Figure 2. IMPRINT Program and Service Map- Data Tool

For more information on IMPRINT’s interactive maps, please contact Sylvia Rusin, Research Specialist:

For additional information on career pathways, check out Higher’s recertification assistance guides for engineers, accountants, pharmacists, and more. For examples of refugee career pathway programs, go to Higher’s blog.

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