How to Create the Wrong Impression in Job Interviews

wrong impressionThe five reasons people only get one job interview (not a call back or a job offer) presents the employer perspective and offers practical alternative behaviors that will create a more hire-able impression. Click here for a unique take on an essential job readiness topic for all our clients.

For example, it’s common to caution clients not to ask about money, break time or their schedule requirements in an initial interview. This article explains the cultural assumptions behind that advice and offers very specific instructions for when those questions are more appropriate.

Give a copy as homework for higher-skilled clients before job readiness class or preparation for an actual job interview.  Doing so will help you accommodate a wide range of skill levels in the same session, rather than offering separate sessions that take more of your time to develop and deliver.

Clients that read the article will still benefit from the same basic points everyone needs to know. The additional information will help them go beyond the basics to develop better strategies for success – and stronger alternative questions.



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