Homestays for Refugees and Asylum Seekers

roomrentInnovative Opportunity for Early Community Integration?

There’s a lot of bad news around the world for refugees. Higher has made a deliberate choice to avoid posts about most of it.  We focus on supporting employment services and the positive difference we make every day in our clients’ lives.

Click here for a bit of good news – and an innovative solution. In Austria, home stays and roommates address a housing shortage for refugees and asylum seekers.

Could this idea offer a solution for the lack of affordable housing in urban environments where skyrocketing rents have a negative impact on early self-sufficiency through employment?

While the article doesn’t mention employment, a more integrated approach to resettlement likely offers benefits for employment, as well.  Sharing houses with long term residents offers earlier chances for English language immersion and for building local networks.

Anyone have contacts to find out more about the details of how it works and what it might mean for rapid employment and community integration?

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