Home Depot is Hiring NOW


Image credit: homedepot.com

Home Depot has announced 80,000 job openings across the country this spring.  Warmer weather means home repairs, improvements and yard work.

The full- and part-time  jobs include sales, operations and cashiering in stores as well as jobs at its distribution centers. Home Depot estimates that more than half of the temporary workers stay on for permanent employment.

Many Home Depot positions require English to provide customer service.  Some stores serve Spanish speaking customer bases with managers and staff who speak Spanish.

Home Depot’s career webpage offers videos and detailed descriptions of various positions. Here are Higher’s observations from a test of the online application. You’re welcome.

  1. Diversity is emphasized throughout.  One of the first questions on their online application included Arabic, Spanish, Vietnamese, French and Chinese among other language skill options.
  2. If you upload a resume, the application self-populates.  Helpful, but it still requires a careful check and some additional entries.
  3. There is an assessment test.  It’s long but the questions are well written, at least.

If you’ve developed a successful hiring pipeline for your clients with Home Depot, comment on this post to share your strategies with your peers.



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