Holiday Gift Guide – Any Recommendations?

Do you know of any businesses or products that should be featured in Higher’s annual holiday gift guide?  We have a great list started for this year’s guide, but it can always be better!  

Stay tuned for our annual holiday gift guide blog post. We’ll put all of your recommendations into one post to make your holiday shopping as easy as possible.  

Please submit your recommendations by commenting below or by contacting us.

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  1. Adrielle Stanley says:

    Yobel Market
    Knotty Tie
    Ten Thousand Villages

    These are probably already on the list, but just in case they’re not!

  2. The Refugee women’s sewing society in Clarkston Georgia has some amazing stuff. They are on Etdy as well as having their own little website, and I think they’re actually having a big pop up shop on Facebook today!

  3. Lisa MacClure says:

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