Hear Six Refugees Describe Their Career Paths

nurseClick here to hear 6 refugees talk about their starter jobs, career paths, what they learned along the way and who helped them progress. They are available for free from the Forced Migration Innovation Project at SMU in Dallas, Texas.

Hearing from other refugees directly has a powerful impact on clients ability to accept some of the difficult concepts we know are important for their long term career success. These videos could be great additions to your job readiness classes. For example:

  • an Iraqi architect is especially articulate about important concepts and how to get started in the U.S. workplace.
  • a Burundian nurse outlines a common reentry strategy for medical professionals with practical detail about how long it can take.

Read more about FMIP work in a previous Higher eNewsletter highlighting Refugee Resettlement in Dallas/Fort Worth, TX.


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