Guiding and Facilitating Learning – Infographic

All of us are responsible for guiding and facilitating learning in some way.  You might be teaching soft skills to clients in the job readiness classroom or showing the new intern how to book a conference room.  Although this infographic contains tips and suggestions for use in the classroom setting, the first few lines can apply to the informal learning that happens between coworkers every day.



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  1. Chris Hogg says:

    Very nice … I put it on my wall.

    However, I would like to know what the acronyms / terms “use the ZPD” and “KWL” and “Scaffold” mean.

    • Sarah Vail says:

      Hi Chris,

      So glad you like the infographic! ZPD means “zone of proximal development”. I could go on and on about it, but it’s tied to scaffolding, which I’ll post an infographic about next week, so stay tuned! In general though, the idea is that there is a difference of what learners can do with help and what they can do without help. The way that you provide help (scaffolding) makes a big difference. KWL – “Know, Want to Know, Learned” – is an instructional reading strategy. Thanks so much for your interest! I think you’ll like the scaffolding post next week!


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