Great New Job Idea: Uber or Lyft

lyft uberUber and Lyft, ride share taxi-alternatives, offer opportunities for our clients to make extra income and add relevant US work experience to their resumes.

Lansing, Oklahoma City or Amarillo, you can explore this strategy for your clients, too.  One or both of them are offered across the US – and not just in the obvious metropolitan areas.

Requirements include a smart phone, late model four-door vehicle, ability to accept direct deposit payments, customer service and English language skills, as well as some level of tech savvy.

This innovative idea comes from Catholic Charities Diocese of Arlington, VA. They are working with a huge influx of Afghan SIVs, one of whom came up with the idea.  CCDA responded quickly with a well-researched training session to help more clients explore the possibilities. They shared the cool presentation they used (access it here), put together by intern Ijeoma Osakwa.

I wonder if this could also be a transportation solution to help clients access jobs when public transportation isn’t an option?

Higher would love to hear about others who already spotted this great idea or how it goes now that the secret’s out.


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