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Nominate a Peer Advisor


Higher recruits a team of refugee employment professionals and others with expertise in workforce development to join its peer expert network. Peer experts are from diverse audiences, including national resettlement agencies and their affiliates’ offices, government programs and others involved in workforce development. They promote our resources within their own social media networks, join Higher staff for training across the country, contribute to webinars and other virtual training, and provide their insight and expertise to specific technical assistance requests throughout the year.

To nominate yourself or a colleague to be a peer expert, email your resume and a brief explanation of why you are interested in getting involved to


Write for the Higher Blog 


Interested in being published in a national blog and contributing to the national dialogue on employment? Higher maintains a blog that is written by the expert professional staff at Higher, however, we are very welcoming to guest writers. Higher welcomes post from employment staff, employment volunteers, employers, and refugees/immigrants/New Americans. Blog topics can be about a successful employment program, advice for the field, resources to share, questions for the field or anything related to the work we do in refugee employment. 

Anyone can submit a blog on any employment topic. Higher staff will review all blog posts and will send completed posts to ORR for review.  Please know that a submission does not guarantee publication. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. We reserve the right to edit all content to fit the needs of our blog. We will provide a final draft for approval before posting your article. If you have a post that you would like to submit a blog, please email it to us.  


Request Technical Assistance


Higher is here for you. We offer a wide variety of trainings to the field. Our training can be conducted via Skype or GoTo Webinar or in-person (for a fee). Does your agency want more employment training for your staff? Please contact us directly by email.  

Each request needs to include the following information: Please title request: Request for TA

  1.   Name of agency, your location, and contact info for the primary point of contact.
  2.   Type of TA requested- Which area of employment would you like more training?
  3.   A brief summary of why TA is requested.
  4.   List of staff who will participate in the training.
  5.   Summary of employment programs and services within your office.