Gear Up Now For the Busiest Hiring Season

calendar graphic Welcome Back from Vacation.  Enjoy Indian Summer.  Make the Most of Fall.  Get Ready for the Holidays.  The end of the year will be here before we know it.

Now is the time to find job openings and reach out to new employers.  It it also often a time of heavy arrivals, so there will be plenty of clients who need to work.   Here are some scheduling tips and ideas to help you make the most of Fall opportunities.

School is back in session.  Businesses catering to students will be hiring.  There will be competition from students for part-time jobs.  But there will be turnover and opportunities.   Also, watch for late registration for ESL and community college classes now and watch for dates for orientation and registration for next semester and plan to help clients prepare and reserve time to attend.

Summer’s over.  As the heat breaks, businesses will gear up for fall.  More business travel, festivals and special events mean jobs in restaurants and hotels.   Manufacturers gear up early to meet holiday product orders and will begin hiring now.  Hiring managers are focused, but not as busy as they will be in a couple of months.

Christmas is Coming.  It’s not too late to start helping clients polish their resumes and interview skills, learn how to navigate retail on-line application questionnaires and focusing job development efforts of seasonal jobs.  Don’t forget about Salvation Army Bell Ringer jobs.  See last year’s blog post that talks about details you can use.

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