Friday Feature: You’re Gonna Love It

Friday Feature:  Who Inspires You?

Lubna Zeidan, Program Coordinator, iACT for Refugees, Austin, TX

Who Inspires You?

Lubna Zeidan inspires me.  She turns refugee ESL classes into the heart of a supportive, refugee-centered community.  Potluck lunches with Lu’s baklava. Job leads and employer connections. Singing.  Dancing.  And so much more.  Seeing her photo cross my Facebook page made my day.  She makes a difference for refugees – and overworked employment specialists – every day.

Lots of us miss Friday Features so we’re bringing them back with a new slant.  Send 75 words or less about someone who inspires you in your work with refugees and migrants to  Include their photo or another relevant image.  We’ll post one each week.  Minimal edits.  Off the cuff.  Friday Inspiration.

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