Friday Feature: Who is Dayani Cristal? (2013)

dayani cristalWho is Dayani Cristal? is powerful,  hard to describe – and to watch.  You’ll learn more than you may want to know about the gruesome mechanics of trying to discover the identities of thousands of human remains found along the Arizona-Mexico border so that the people who loved them can know their fate.

The dehumanizing volume of unidentified human remains combined with the very personal journey of one man who didn’t make it are a powerful combination.  Go to the film’s website for a list of where you can see it.  It will be worth it, but bring tissues.

Thanks to my colleague Folabi Olagbaju for screening it at LIRS as we all deal with the realities of how immigration issues affect our work on a daily basis.

(Every Friday we highlight one entertainment option related to our clients or some aspect of our work to help you celebrate the weekend and possibly recommend to employers and other community supporters in the following week.)

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