Friday Feature: The X-Files Edition

xfilesEpisode 15, Season 2: Fresh Bones

The Fox Network is bringing back The X-files for six more episodes!!!!

From 1993 – 2002, FBI special agents Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) and Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) investigated cases linked to the paranormal. Think ghosts, space aliens and other unexplainable mysteries.

Surprise. Several episodes contain refugee-related themes. Who knew?

Check out the episode Fresh Bones set at a processing center for Haitian refugees.  You can get it on hulu, amazon or Youtube.  There’s a veve, a drawn voodoo religious symbol, grave robbers, good luck charms, and disturbing hallucinations. In the end, the show focuses on very real issues resulting from abuses of power.

It might sacrifice some factual accuracy for entertainment purposes, but still. X Files! Check it out.

(On occassional Fridays we highlight one entertainment option related to our clients or some aspect of our work to help you celebrate the weekend and possibly recommend to employers and other community supporters in the following week.  Since we had some problems with our blog feed recently, we’re reposting this since most of you likely missed it.)


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