Friday Feature: The Prophet’s Camel Bell by Margaret Laurence

Prophet's Camel BellFirst published in 1963, The Prophet’s Camel Bell is Canadian Margaret Laurence’s memoir of living in Somaliland in the 1950s while it was a British protectorate.

Laurence experienced the difficulty of communication between peoples of vastly different cultures and describes some of the poets, herders and craftsmen of the country.  She comes to love Somali culture and the beauty of the desert.

Until I read this book recommended by a Somali colleague, I didn’t know that Somalia is known throughout Africa and the Muslim world for the people’s love and gift for poetry.  Laurence calls Somalia “a Nation of Poets and Bards”.

Click here to read a collection of contemporary Somali poetry, much of which speaks to journeys, hope and longing for a home you may never have seen.

(On occassional Fridays we highlight one entertainment option related to our clients or some aspect of our work to help you celebrate the weekend and possibly recommend to employers and other community supporters in the following week.)


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