Friday Feature: Outcasts United by Warren St. John

“Noone coutcasts-united_170_242_san do everything.  But everyone can do something.”

For me, this quote from Outcasts United, by Warren St. John captures the spirit of the story of a refugee soccer team, a remarkable woman coach and a small southern town turned upside down by the process of refugee resettlement.”

It goes way beyond soccer to capture everything refugees experience, including long commutes to work, being too tired to help with homework and struggling to pay the bills with a minimum wage job.  It’s also inspiring.

Since it was published in 2010, national media coverage about it has helped raise public awareness about refugees. The City of San Diego featured it in a city-wide book club and IRC organized several related events, including a visit by Coach Luma Mufleh.  More than 40 colleges and universities have included it in their required reading lists.  I had the chance to hear Coach Luma Mufleh speak this summer.  After the event, everyone was talking about how they could get involved with refugees in their community.

Reading it is guaranteed to strengthen enthusiasm and support for your work.



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