Friday Feature: Ethnic Food Trends


I’m still waiting in vain for decent Tex-Mex (ethnic food from my homeland) in Baltimore.

Food is so important to our clients.  It calls up memories of home and is central to identity for all of us.  When an employer partner in Austin organized a potluck that included Burmese and Salvadoran food, tensions among team members quickly broke down when they realized how important rice was in both cultures.

Click here to read a Washington Post thought piece about changing attitidues to “ethnic” food from lunch room shaming to foodie trends.

When the reader who recommended it and I read it, we thought it acknowledged the need for more cultural sensitivity about immigrant food ways and traditions.  A second generation Chinese-American friend of mine had a different take.  “I don’t care why they suddenly decide to like it if it means I can find it to eat in more restaurants.”

What do you think?


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