Friday Feature: City of Thorns by Ben Rawlance

City of ThornsDadaab, in Kenya, is the largest refugee camp in the world with half a million predominantly Somali refugees. It’s like living in “a cross between Atlanta and Tatooine” according to the author of this new book, City of Thorns:  Nine Lives in the Worlds Largest Refugee Camp.

NPR’s Fresh Air interview with the author talks alot about limited work opportunities and some of the legal and contextual realities around employment and transferable skills in the cam.  Click here to read or listen.

You can also read and listen to a book review here.  Thanks to Peer Advisor Bonni Cutler with Catholic Charities Diocese of San Diego, CA for spotting this timely new book.

(On occasional Fridays, we highlight one entertainment option related to our clients or some aspect of our work to help you celebrate the weekend and possibly recommend to employers and other community supporters in the following week.)




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  1. Melanie Reimer says:

    The author Ben Rawlence has also just written an excellent article about the insidious effects (intended or otherwise) that aid projects can have on “ordinary people” who get in the way of what is perceived as progress – and often end up displaced as a result. Recommended (albeit grim) reading:

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