Fresh Research on Job Readiness

interview researchA recent study compares job search effectiveness in recent grads and more experienced job seekers. The differences between them were attributed primarily to soft skills learned in the workplace on the part of the higher skilled job seekers.

It’s interesting research. Click here to read for yourselves and see a summary infographic.

The bottom line for refugees? Most of our clients will rely on us to include best practices in our job readiness activities. The research shows that we’re well positioned to play this role and haven’t missed important trends.

Here are the relevant take-aways for refugee job seekers and employment service providers

1.  People with current job search experience (like us) are the best resource for job seekers.

When cutting edge job search strategies are technology-driven (like social media and apps to manage the process), traditional resources aren’t able to keep up. Traditional resources like websites and print resources don’t keep pace. The best way to learn about cutting-edge trends is to ask others fresh from a job search. (This means us, since we conduct job searches on a daily basis, right?)

2.  We’re all over three of the top five highest impact categories for improvement.

Networking skills, social media presence and effective responses to interview questions are in the top 5 categories that can deliver the highest impact on job search success. These topics are both cited by employers as important and got low scores from all job seekers surveyed. We all know these are important and provide clients information about them, when appropriate.

3.  Behavioral interview questions are hard for everyone.

Answering behavioral interview questions is the number one skill missing among all job seekers related to job interview skills. Higher has an eLearning course for that targeting refugee and immigrant job seekers. Check out this free resource on our website if you don’t’ already have your own username and password.

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