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apply online red buttonOn-line applications equal frustration for clients and Employment professionals.

Nothing good ever comes from computer literate clients wasting time submitting imperfect on-line applications and never making it past automated key word screening. offers an on-line tool that may help.  (Click here).  Paste in a resume and job description to get key word matches and other tips.  For more background about how “bots” work with online applications, refer to this previous blog post.

How You Could Use it
  • Demonstrate with a client resume as you help them understand why they aren’t getting calls and need to do more than apply on-line.
  • Provide the URL to clients after the discussion.  Assign them the homework of using it on their own to 1dentify some words to add or change.
Customer Review

With my own resume, it recommended that I change the “Professional Experience” heading in my own resume to “Work Experience”, which is more common.

I also tried it with an on-line application by cutting and pasting job descriptions I had written for a client.

It took  more time to clip in job descriptions instead of an entire resume, but it gave me several obvious key words from the job announcement that were not included at all in my application.  In both of my trials, some of the words it picked up on were clearly based on frequency of use, not relevance to any kind of skill.

Bottom line

It takes a bit of thought to put the results to work.  On balance, I think it’s worth a try and would love to hear how it works for you.




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