Free Job Development Webinar June 27- Space Limited!

Mark your calendars for an upcoming FREE webinar from our friends at DTG-EMP/Kenfield Consulting.

The webinar, “3 Red Hot Issues Every Successful Job Developer Must Address” will take place on Tuesday, June 27, from 9-10 AM Pacific Standard Time and will give an overview of the basics of the Consultative Selling model – a job development model designed for those assisting job seekers with significant barriers to employment.

The webinar will focus specifically on the following:

• How to Convince employers to hire a candidate they would typically reject
• How to Assess clients for motivation to work and when motivation is an issue implement basic intervention techniques that work
• How to Find employers who will hire candidates with employment barriers

This webinar is limited to 200 registrants, so visit to sign up now!

How can Consultative Selling help refugee employment programs? Listen to what Ryan Overfield, Manager of Refugee Education and Employment Programs at
Lutheran Family Services of Nebraska, had to say about his staff’s experience implementing this model:

For more on Consultative Selling, check out Higher’s Consultative Selling Resource Pack, located in the Downloadable Resources section of our website.

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    It’s good to always learn to improve the job

  2. I work for a refugee resettlement program and job placement is a very important core service for us.

  3. Amalia Vina says:

    Please, can you remove the payment required when trying to register for the free webinar?

    • Daniel Wilkinson says:

      Hi Amalia. We are not hosting this webinar. It is hosted by a company called DTG-EMP. The registration process is a little confusing on their website, but although it looks like a payment may be required, just go through the process without entering payment information, and it will let you sign up. Make sure that you are in fact signing up for the free one, as there are several others that they are offering that do require payment. I hope this helps! -Daniel,

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