Free Guide Offers Comprehensive, Accessible Legal Information

First StepsLegal questions for our clients cross our desks every day.  Most of us are not legal experts, but solutions to the resulting barriers to employment are part of our core work.

If we’re confused and unsure, imagine how our clients feel when faced with navigating the effects of a criminal conviction, understanding “the right to work”, legal status adjustments and how to obtain a range of benefits and basic services.

First Steps:  An LIRS Guide for Refugees, Asylum Seekers and Migrants Released from Detention is a FREE comprehensive guide to legal issues written in plain language accessible to non-native English speakers and people of all kinds without a legal background.

Visit to download and learn more about First Steps. It will be a great resource for you and for your clients.

Read what a resettlement case manager and a former refugee lawyer say about how this new resource can help.

Navigating the legal and social services systems as an immigrant are hugely challenging tasks, which are all too often compounded by the misinformation circulating outside our office doors. [First Steps] is going to be a great asset for the populations we serve and I cannot wait to start getting this out there!  Casie-Lee Miller, a case manager at LIRS partner Ascentria Care Alliance


First Steps tells new Americans “yes, you will make it, my friend.” It’s a guide that will start to take away from that uncertainty, from that fear, from that inability to trust again. Guiding refugees to the ways of this country and its culture will help them be more familiar with it, and therefore have a feeling of being accepted sooner.  Selena Sujoldzic, lawyer and former refugee

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