Free and Easy Strategy to Identify Key Words and Skills


I tried this technique using Wordle and a warehouse logistics job description. Here’s my result.

Here’s a great idea for identifying key words in job descriptions.  Generate word clouds to help clients write job descriptions, get past robotic online application screens and identify a variet of hard and soft skills required for the job.

3 Easy Steps to Use This Idea in Your Work

1.  Google free word cloud applications.   Click here to find one list of options.

2.  Paste in a job description and click generate.

3.  See the words emphasized by the employer.  (The biggest words are used more frequently.)

You could print out your word cloud and use it in a client meeting. Taking the words out of a traditional paragraph format can really help you and clients identify the important characteristics and job requirements.  A great way to build English vocabulary, too.

This idea came from a blog post from the U.S. Peace Corps.  (Click here to read it).

Check out two previous blog posts (Click here and here) for more information about key words, on-line applications and other tools to use with clients.



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