Farewell post from Daniel Wilkinson

Dear Higher Network,

On August 21st I transitioned out of Higher and into a new role at LIRS, in which I’ll be managing a corporate partnership focused on creating sustainable career opportunities for refugees.

It has been a fantastic 2 years with Higher, and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to support you in the critically important work that you do in helping refugees become self-sufficient and pursue their dreams.

While I am excited for my new role and the new opportunities that it will give me to support the career paths and community integration of refugees, I will miss being part of Higher, and wanted leave you with a few parting thoughts:

-Never underestimate the value of connecting and collaborating with your peers. We hear again and again from attendees at our events that while the training we provide is extremely helpful, the most valuable thing people get out of being connected to Higher is the opportunity to connect with peers. This has been true for me too! The opportunity to get to know many of you has added a lot of depth to my expertise in refugee employment. Thank you!

-Don’t let short-term discouragements get you down. It’s easy to be discouraged in the work that we do and wonder if we are really making a difference. Keep in mind though that refugee employment is like gardening- if you keep doing the right things, the garden will eventually grow. So keep showing up, keep providing excellent services for your clients, and I promise you that the harvest will come. It won’t be long before you have some amazing success stories to tell (on the Higher blog of course)!

-There are ALWAYS opportunities! Our work can be a roller-coaster. Funding levels, arrival numbers, refugee populations and the economy will always be changing. I started my career in refugee employment in 2010 during the Great Recession but chose to ignore the bad news on TV and believe that America is in fact “the land of opportunity.” This positive attitude and a commitment to creativity in my approach to finding opportunities for myself and my clients has always served me well. There will always be challenges to overcome. The good news is that we are experts in overcoming challenges. That’s what we help our clients do every day!

So keep your head up, keep that smile on, and keep those business cards in your pocket! The best is yet to come. I believe that!

On a final note, if you have a passion for refugee work, employment services experience, and writing/tech skills, I would really encourage you to apply for my former position. You can find the job description for the Network Engagement Specialist position here.

Thanks again for a great 2 years!

All the best,

Daniel Wilkinson

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