ESL and Workforce Preparedness

SkilledImmigrant SubjectsA June 17th webinar, ESL Strategies for Skilled Immigrants (Global Talent Bridge)  presented strategies for integrating ESL into the context of US Workforce preparedness.

Presenters from the International Center of Catholic Charities Community Services of New York, New York offered four categories of US Workforce information and activity ideas for each.

The four categories are:  Career Plans, Networking, Application Materials and Foreign Credentials & Licensing.  Download the powerpoint for additional information.

Here are the three resources that resonated most for Higher staff:

  • Set up a LinkedIn group for skills professionals to share leads, support each other and learn how to use LinkedIn in their own professional development and job search activities.
  • Download  A Toolkit for ESL Practitioners Supporting Skilled Immigrants – a free, 76 page guide that includes resource links and useful background information.
  • Check out My Next Move, an online career planning resource offers three ways to explore career alternatives.  It requires fairly strong language and computer literacy skills and is available in Spanish.  It includes key word and industry search features that lead to well designed fact sheets featuring required skills, sampe job descriptions, average salaries and whether the industry or position is growing or shrinking.




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