Employment: Gateway to Community Integration

Open Arms and MRC Austin in Austin American Statesman

The multi-cultural team of Open Arms, a textile manufacturing company that employs refugees in Austin, TX shares lunch daily. Photo Credit: Rodolfo Gonzalez

The workplace is among the first pathways to meaningful connectedness and community integration for refugees and new immigrants.

What we do every day goes beyond counting placements, addressing barriers, getting jobs and paying rent.

Two  quotes from recent articles about very different topics say this better than I can.

“The market is the heart of what has become a ‘second family’. …We’re all in the same boat.”

Click here to read more about the Malian immigrant who saved several people in the recent French grocery story attack.

 “Our lunches are not about work — they’re about connection.”

The women of Open Arms and the Multicultural Refugee Coalition in Austin, TX are creating community.  They’re inspiring.  They inspire me and I have to brag that I know them.  Click here to read about how taking a lunch break from work helps forge community.  Earning a living wage doesn’t hurt either!

NOTE:  Apologies.  We’re revising our website and it’s frozen for new content, so the Open Arms article can’t be uploaded.  It will be eventually.


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