Employer Resource: Chipotle Study Guide

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A number of employment programs have placed clients in jobs at Chipotle.  Click here for a great study guide for Chipotle job interview preparation.  (It’s in an online slideshare format)

The guide provides very useful detail about Chipotle corporate values, job descriptions, the interview process and the experience of employees who have been promoted far above the entry level position that got them in the door.

How You Could Use It

  • Develop an interview practice and training session to prepare a group of clients qualified to apply.
  • Provide it directly to clients with the appropriate English language skills for Chipotle interview preparation or to see useful resume and job description examples.
  • If you don’t already have a connection at Chipotle, use this information to plan your initial pitch to establish a relationship with a hiring decision maker.

Thanks to Stephen Allen, Refugee Employment Team Supervisor with IRC in Phoenix, AZ, who posted this via LinkedIn.



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