Employer List for Ex-Offenders

barrierIt’s rare that refugees have felonies or other criminal background issues, but it does happen.  Some resettlement agencies provide employment services to other populations where this may be a more common barrier to employment, as well.

Click here to see a list of employers that are flexible about considering criminal backgrounds and might also be open to hiring qualified employees with other barriers.



  1. Lorel, what a brilliant posting. This resource will surely reach far beyond the world of refugee resettlement. Thank you!

  2. Thank you for sharing this list of jobs! You are such a vision of inspiration and hope. There are vocational rehab programs through each state; however, you have to have disabilities that are keeping you from working. There is no of a job but we can provide training. I will say that unfortunately at this time in the world, even with a clean record, employment is hard unless you know someone. “It is not what you know but who you know”. Wish it were different but it remains true.

    • Lorel Donaghey says:

      It was really helpful for all of us, even though we help a different population. In fact, this blog post is one of our most popular. Thanks to the ex-offender workforce network that made it possible for all of us. Lorel

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