Email 101: a Two Part Series

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Email signatures:  Make Sure You Have One. Today.

Social media, infographics and vlogs might be trendy. Email is the most common (and cheapest) form of business communication, though. That’s why we’ll offer two companion posts to help you get the most from your email.

Not having an email signature can mean that employers who want to follow-up take the easy path to call a staffing agency. Who knows when a contact suddenly hears about a job and needs to find you quickly?

It’s hard to contact decisions-makers when you’re prospecting.  You can often access high level employer contacts easily and directly via email. Don’t let that security guard or receptionist shut you down!

According to a careersherpa,net Infographic, 48% of professionals don’t have an email signature. This is no surprise based on how many emails in Higher’s inbox don’t include one.  

The Infographic offers  seven tips for creating a good email signature. You can read them for yourself here.  The most important thing is to start using an email signature today. A quick google search will give you easy instructions for how to set it up.  

Higher also advises to include your email signature in replies as well as email you generate. Send us an email to show off your new email signature!

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  1. Thank you for posting this!!! I get so irritated when I need to call a community partner and I look up an email to find a signature with a phone number and find that none of the emails in the thread have a signature. Then I windup spending several minutes looking for the original email.

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