Ebola, Fear of Immigrants and Potential Impact on African Refugees


Dominique Faget | AFP | Getty Images

It’s hard not to feel afraid as the first case of Ebola in the US and rapidly increasing deaths in several African countries are featured in our news.  As we continue to resettle large numbers of Congolese, employers and community members may express concerns about their health.

We should be prepared to discuss (hopefully unfounded) backlash fears with clients, even though many have been here long before the current Ebola outbreak and may not have been in an affected country.

Liberian refugees were resettled before many of us were involved in this work, but they may be among the populations who also worry about friends and family still resident in Africa.

Here are several articles to help you think about various aspects of this issue that might have a direct impact on some aspect of your work in the coming weeks.

If anyone has plans or experience helping to overcome unfounded concerns related to Ebola, Higher would appreciate hearing from you so that we can share experiences and help others prepare just in case.

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