Driving Jobs: The Employer Perspective

Big Truck Wheels 1192523_33540048Commercial Drivers Licenses (CDL) and driving jobs are sought after by many of our clients. We often focus on how to help clients secure those credentials, rather than building the right employer connections.

As with any other employer conversation, it’s important to start with understanding what characteristics employers wants in an employee and what problems you can help them solve with pre-screened, work authorized candidates.

Click here to read great information to help you reach out to employers and help clients understand the skills involved in a U.S. driving job.  Or, read this quick summary.

  1. The transportation industry experiences higher than average turnover.  Background checks can establish driving history.  Road tests and licensure can demonstrate experience, reaction times and the ability to avoid fatigue while driving
  2. Industry studies show that soft skills and characteristics are more important success factors.  The industry needs to do a better job of assessing for those.
  3. Here are some of the most important characteristics for success in driving jobs:

Values:  conscientious, dependable, values safety, concern for other’s well-being

Motivation:  autonomy, independence, solitude, predicable routines

Personality:  risk aversion, patience, stability, friendliness, lack of aggression, attention to detail

Don’t forget about marketing, sales, up-selling and customer service skills that are often important for local delivery driving jobs and are not mentioned in this article.

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