Depression: A Barrier to Employment

Black Dog

A still shot featuring the black dog used as a metaphor for depression from the video

The lack of mental health services for our clients and the effects of trauma and torture are sadly a common a topic of our conversations.  The effects of stress and cultural adjustment that can trigger depression in anyone (not just refugees) is less common.

It’s very difficult to address mental health barriers.  They definitely have an impact on our ability to help clients find a job and begin to learn the skills they need for long term self-sufficiency and career success.

This video uses the metaphor of a big black dog to help people identify the symptoms of depression and understand that it is a common feeling with no stigma attached.  Because of it’s reliance on visuals and a simple but powerful image, it might be useful to use with clients.

It would be great to know if anyone tries it or has ideas about how it could be used.


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