Daylight Savings Time Signage

Alarm ClockProviding translated signage about Daylight Savings Time is a great excuse to communicate with lots of employers and provides a valuable customer service they’ll remember and appreciate.

Read more for the steps to take and access free, translated signage from Higher.

Daylight Savings Time begins on Saturday, October 31. You have three weeks to implement a strategy that will deepen employer relationships and help clients. Go for it!

WHY: Maintaining contact with employers gets harder to do when the new hires are settled and there are no immediate job openings to fill. You need to keep limited resources focused on finding jobs for clients who need them now. You want to keep in touch so employers don’t forget to contact you when they need to hire again.


  1. Compile a list of employers to include. Consider adding a few prospects, as well as all of the companies who already employ clients.
  2. Draft correspondence. Say thank you. Keep it brief. Think about adding no more than 2 additional points.
  3. Download signs and add yours to our collection. We’ve translated it into Amharic, Arabic, French, Spanish and Tigrinya.  (Haitian Creole, Nepali and Swahili versions are in process.)  You can also get the English language template in case you want to add other languages.
  4. Provide the signs early in the week of October 26: If you send an email, don’t forget your email signature with contact information. If you deliver hard copies, consider tapping into volunteer resources or visiting yourself, especially for the most important employers on your list.

Thanks to colleagues at the Pars Equality Center, Acentria Care Alliance, Catholic Charities Diocese of San Diego. ECDC and LIRS for translation assistance.

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